About Us

A Brief History of Al’s

Al’s Upholstery, Inc. was founded in 1930 by Italian immigrant Albert Lucarelli, and his wife, Louise. Al worked from his  garage at 1529 Michigan Street  while employed by sidebarSuperior Furniture. In 1934, Al and Louise bought a workshop  at 1789 Summit Street.  The apartment above their shop is where they lived and raised their six children.

In 1953, the City of Toledo was putting in Interstate 280 and needed the land where the shop was located. Al and Louise had to relocate their  business, their home and their family. They purchased the land at 4526 Monroe Street.  Their oldest son, Robert, designed the new Al’s Upholstery building. On August  15, 1954, Al and Louise celebrated their Grand Opening of the Monroe Street location.

In 1964, Al’s Upholstery became incorporated.  Al’s four sons, Robert, Albert, Victor and Anthony, were appointed officers of  the business. Although his sons were slowly taking over, Al still opened and  closed the shop every day. He worked until he was nearly 90 years old. Al and  Louise’s sons have followed in their footsteps, as well as their grandsons,  Steve (Robert’s son), David (Albert’s son) and Mark (Victor’s son).